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From a very young age, Damien has always questioned the status quo, explored alternative views and approaches in every aspect of life. 

Born in Sydney, global minded and entrepreneurial at heart, Damien’s previous business experiences include consulting to every cosmetic and prestigious fragrance company in Australia, owning a modelling agency, coaching several sporting teams and changing the use of recreational oxygen. The common theme is analysing how something is done and redesigning the process, product and/or service to inspire people to come together and better themselves.

Now, Damien has channelled his energy to creating new designer flip flops after realising that the shape of the original flip flop had remained unchanged for decades.  The only real change in recent years has been a splash of colour on a pair of Aussie thongs.

He wanted something fresh and exciting that could evolve into a global trend and represent the progress of Australian culture worldwide. And so the SQUARE designer flip flop was born.      

With its distinctive trademark square shape, elegant colour palette and polished embossed badge, the design philosophy encapsulates the modern, urban and sophisticated culture that closer resembles our nation today and into the future.

“Being the most popular footwear in Australia and for summer around the world, my aim was to revolutionise the versatility of the flip flop. My vision is for women and men to identify with what this brand represents and with others who are “Going Places.”


- DAMIEN HALL, Designer

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